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Meghan Juday

Speaker. Author. Advocate.
Helping family businesses thrive.

Family Business is a noble cause and one that we should all fight to sustain.

Family business not only supports shareholders and employees but envelops its community in shared values and good stewardship. When a family business fails, many suffer.

  1. Chairman of the Board at IDEAL Industries a 105-year-old family business 
  2. Founder of The Lodis Forum – Peer group for female board chairs
  3. Governance advisor to family businesses – Focus on good governance to sustain family businesses for another generation


Meghan is a sought-after speaker. Highly knowledgeable, approachable, and with a good sense of humor, Meghan can connect with audiences and provide unique family business insights.


Meghan is a highly regarded author specializing in family business and corporate governance. She shares her insights and perspectives gleaned from experience in blogs, articles, and commissioned work.


Meghan not only advocates for good governance to keep family businesses transitioning from one generation to another, but she also advocates for women in leadership, both in the family and board.

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Meghan Juday Advisory – Learn more about her work helping families establish or refine family or corporate governance

Speaking – Discuss upcoming speaking opportunities, whether at a conference, podcast, or interview.

Advocacy – Learn more about Meghan’s work with women in family business leadership, including her work with The Lodis Forum